Song: Chaparosa
By: Martin Gerschwitz







Martin Gerschwitz is a classically trained german born keyboard master.
At the age of sixteen, Martin performed classical music with big german Orchestras.

In 1967, his older brother, who is a very successful Cello player, influenced Martin with the Rock-n-Roll genre, and it was then that Martin put together his first band called
"The Avengers"!

For several years Martin performed on the european scene playing with famous german bands as well as international singers, including being the keyboard player for
 "Percy Sledge" When a man loves a woman), who he played with all over Europe.

It was in 1978 when Martin formed his own American style rock band called
 "Break Point".

They recorded an album in 1981 called "First Serving", and they toured successfully throughout the American Military Circuit in Europe.

It was in 1985, right after Martin moved to the United States of America, that Tim Bogart (ex-Vanilla Fudge bass player) asked Martin to join his band
(Tim Bogart and the fabulous Violations).

By the end of 1985, Martin had the honor to share center stage with great performers, such as "Loverboy", Steve Stevens (of Billy Idol fame),
and "Eddie Van Halen"...
just to name a few!.

As of today, Martin has performed in over 10,000 live events worldwide, which include solo appearances with orchestras in Germany. European Rock Festivals, the Russian Rythm & Blues Festival, the Singapore Blues Festival, concert tours in the Persian Gulf countries. and the Iceland Rock Festival. Martin has also toured the US and the world with acts such as

"Lita Ford"
"Meat Loaf"
"Vanilla Fudge"
"Kingdome Come"
"Walter Trout Band"

and many more (- see below)!

Martin has recorded many CD's, which have given him excellent credentials to his musical career.

Martin started his own original semi-classical project in 1996, and subsequently recorded his first 5 CD's:

"Dan Lefler & Martin Gerschwitz" in 1996 - 1998  ... volumes 1-3
"Lazy Afternoon" (in 1999) - solo
"Nobody Knows Me" (in 2000) - solo

Early in the year of 1999, Martin joined

"Eric Burdon  and The (new) Animals"

as their keyboardist/violin player! He toured with this well-known band all over the world (Europe, North America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, etc...), performing way more than 140 shows per year.

Martin added more credentials to his musical career 
by recording 3 CD's with this band:

"Eric Burdon & The New Animals - Bootleg 2000"
(recorded at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, NY)

"Eric Burdon & The New Animals - Live in Seattle"
(recorded 2002 at the Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA)

"Athens Traffic - Live"
(recorded in December 2004, in Athens, Greece)

In the summer of 2003, Martin recorded yet another CD, the first one with his own band

"Martin Gerschwitz and Friends"
(featuring band members from "The Animals")- and others !!!

Touring Europe several times, mostly throughout Germany and Benelux, Martin Gerschwitz and his band released a Live DVD:

"Martin Gerschwitz and Friends  Live"
(concert DVD in Frankfurt, Germany in  November 2004)

One year later, in November of 2005, Martin became (and currently still is) the keyboardist and lead vocalist for the 60's rock band

"Iron Butterfly"

(well known for their monumental hit song/album

"Iron Butterfly" recently wrapped up a successful tour of Europe
(9/20/10 - 10/26/10 throughout 12 different countries...
and more shows are on the way for Feb./march of 2012 ((

just check out "")...

But We'll keep you posted, too !!!

Martins CD releases in 2007/2008 are:

"Somebody should know me by now"
(released in 2007 with 26 wonderful instrumental songs)

"Bridge to Eternity"
(released in 2008, which features his original touring band
"Martin Gerschwitz & Friends", and him singing
12 beautiful original vocal songs)!


Martin also released 2 more CD's on 10/26/2011
at one of his concerts at       
"Camino  Real  Playhouse" in San Juan Capistrano, CA

"I only look loud"


15 beautiful instrumental "soundtrack-like" songs,
12 original songs, 2 by Johann Sebastian Bach, 1 by Maurice Jarre,
but all arranged, orchestrated, and performed
by Martino)


"Martino's Christmas Music"
14 well-known and maybe not so well-known christmas songs,
beautifully arranged, orchestrated, and performed
by Martino)

The latest release in June of 2014 called  "Treasures of life" features
beautiful instrumentals as well as catchy vocal songs

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